• Transformation

    An extensive renovation is transforming traditional buildings in a superb location into modern Class A towers with top-tier amenities. Now, 111 Market Square is vibrant and forward looking—the right image for your business. Discover More

  • Customization

    At 111 Market Square, enjoy a workspace that reflects you. Whether you want a professional space with private offices and skyline views or a creative space with open ceilings and open layout, here you can incorporate your unique style and company culture. Get Inspired

  • Revitalization

    San Jose’s downtown urban core is the ideal setting for work, play, and living—and 111 Market Square is right in the middle of it all. Join the Action

Office buildings don’t have to be square

Who says your workspace has to be a bland four walls and a ceiling? Who says your office has to be in an area where you go for 9+ hours per day but can’t wait to escape?

At 111 Market Square, we think outside the box. We’re challenging the idea that office buildings have to be drab in appearance and lacking in amenities. We’re reimagining office suites to be inspiring, stylish, and comfortable spaces of your own creation. By blending the neighborhood where you work with the type of neighborhood where you also want to hang out, we’re rethinking how you spend your entire working day—from the lunch hour to happy hour and beyond. We’re redefining the working experience to be anything but square.

111 Market Square San Jose, California